Imperial College London

Get the Minimum Viable Pale Ales in.

The Challenge

Everyone knows that beer is a necessary ingredient for entrepreneurship. This must be true because Imperial College London came to us and asked us to brand, design and produce beer for a start-up event.

It was a great project for a great cause. Plus it proves that we can, indeed, organise a piss-up in a brewery.

Project facts




Education (!)


Branding, design, print production, brewer liaison (!)

Launch date

December 2017

What we did

We had a creative brainstorm (we drank beer and thought of names…), then produced a huge range of name and design options for Imperial. In fact, they’ve now got so many potential names for beer that they could very easily set up a brewery.

What the client said

“My new favourite agency, great team (including a dog, all the best teams do) combined with a no nonsense approach and fab creative results!”
Ben Mumby-Croft

Director of Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London.

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